In late 2016 it became clear that for me to advance in my career I needed to focus on effective communication at an executive level. I grew up from a technical background, which places certain challenges and career opportunities in front of me.

I immediately took action, taking a step back and thinking what I can do to improve. To expand my circle of influence, I have set a goal to effectively communicate challenges, opportunities and action with executives by the end of 2017.

Now, “executive speak” is more than just clear communication. They must be prepared with conclusions with intent to have clear action from your short discussion with the executive. To communicate effectively, they must be prepared.

So I have broken down my goal into 2 milestones:

  1. Effective Communication, and
  2. Being prepared

The below video was very helpful, giving me a clear perspective on what challenges and opportunities lie ahead, with real actionable goals and daily activities I can do daily.

Link to the author’s site with handout: (Link)

Pictured: Scott Hanselman