Hint: it is not for the dudes.

Because we are now living in a wonderfully patriarchal society that’s not precisely all about in women’s empowerment, we find our selves in a place in which ladies delight is actually rarely (if ever) focused around talks about intercourse. We especially you should not discuss ladies sexuality to be concentrated on enjoyment. More often than not, it really is centered on the satisfaction of men.

Just what exactly takes place when we discuss women whom sleep together with other women? Here is a hint: we simply you should not talk about it at all. And, if we carry out, we again focus it on male satisfaction.

As this rad patriarchal community does not want to share with you ladies’ pleasure, and females pleasuring different women, we are going to discuss merely that—and rip along the infamous misconceptions regarding girl-on-girl hookups.

1. All we carry out is actually go-down for each other.

Going down. Eating at restaurants. Or, the sexiest strategy to say it—cunnilingus. When we are not scissoring in pornography (we will get to that then), we are consuming both completely. It-all comes down to inclination! There isn’t any rulebook that says queer girls have to go upon both always. Some individuals don’t think its great after all, that is certainly great. No one provides sex the same way! For this reason its thus fun to share.

2. Oh, and scissoring. Plenty scissoring.

Scissoring is sort of hilarious because it does not work properly for all. I understand some partners just who swear by it among others which give it a try and merely finish laughing and doing things more. It is rather much considering anatomy—remember, only a few genitals are exactly the same!—and inclination. We all know by now that a lot of lesbians in pornography are really straight women doing for males, appropriate? Thus maybe cannot use pornography for queer woman sex guidelines. But, if you want scissoring about menu, next go ahead and, pick it occasionally.

3. We get it done for dudes.

Only, no. We get it done for ourselves. Then question.

4. Strap-ons are a metropolitan legend.

Whenever direct men and women ask me about strap-ons, they whisper the term like they can be informing me a spooky myth they heard about once over a camp fire. Some people like strap-ons. Some individuals hate all of them. Some people utilize them once in a bit. Plus, some straight partners are entirely into it. If you are therefore interesting, give ‘em a trial!

5. One of us is consistently wearing a snapback.

This might be a funnier one, but for whatever cause there’s this idea that, in a queer couple, someone must wear a snapback. There’s nothing incorrect with snapbacks. I believe they may be hot. But they aren’t required for orgasms, cool because they are.

6. We usually orgasm.

I’ll let you in on a key: the theory that every queer women do is have sex and climax all day on end and not have poor, awkward, stumbly gender? It really is an overall, gigantic lie. We possibly may both be women, but that doesn’t mean we are mirror photos of every other. Not totally all women can be similar or react the same exact way to specific stimulus. Figures do not all get down with the exact same intercourse things, and a few folks like issues that other individuals would not, actually try. Like additional couples, women who date ladies need to take time for you figure out what your partner loves.

Then it is all sexual climaxes all the time. (only kidding.)

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7. we are anti-penis.

Alright, it is the right time to explore this. Lots of lesbians for the news (and, really, in true to life) choose joke how much they just dislike penises as well as how they can be just very gay they would never be capable of getting straight down with penis. However the problem let me reveal that it is transphobic as hell to behave as with any females have vaginas, and only guys have actually penises. No body’s saying that you have to rest with anybody you dont want to have intercourse with, but offering to eliminate caught badmouthing penises continuously. They may be merely genitals! They don’t do anything wrong.

Plus, this perpetuates the idea that queer women can be lesbians. Some people tend to be ace, many of us tend to be bi, most are cooking pan, most are simply ol’ queer, etc… we are complex, and then we’ve got to stop perpetuating weird BS along these lines.

8. We’ve never been with men.

Going off that last point, not totally all queer women are only into making love with ladies. Some people have acquired sex with men. Some people have experienced sex with non-binary and genderqueer men and women. Many of us haven’t ever had intercourse with any person but females, but still ID as bi or pan. Its valid, no matter.

No matter what we obtain vulgar, we are just who we state our company is. Trust you. Nobody is any less queer because of the way they have laid.