I am very proud to announce that Embarcadero has appointed me as one of their Most Valuable Professionals!

Embarcadero’s MVP (Most Valuable Professional) program chooses the “best of the best” Embarcadero community members to be trusted assets for our customers and prospects. An MVP is passionate about Embarcadero products and the success of everyone who uses them. An MVP evangelizes (cheers for, promotes, teaches about, etc.) Embarcadero products by writing and speaking on the elegance, simplicity and productivity of our products at user groups, conferences, and webinars, and in websites, articles, newsgroups, blogs and social networks.

My focus will be about how you as an ISV can best serve your clients, with articles on team leadership and delivering professional looking and stable products. (This is not a strict rule)

In addition, my Twitter feed @DelphiTips will now include a link to this site with full examples and discussions on each tip. With this added detail, you will learn and discuss how you can take your ideas to production code!

Check me out in the MVP Directory! Link