One of the better selfies we’ve seen


Jim McKeeth from Embarcadero Technologies got a pair of swanky Google Glasses, and I couldn’t be more jealous.

Like most developers at heart, he pulled out Delphi XE5, and sought to make the first Delphi app for Google Glass!

In the article he details the two methods, and how Delphi XE5 can be used either way.

There are actually two different options for developing Glassware: Mirror API and GDK.

It looks like with GDK you get access to most sensors, and can be deployed just like any other android application with Delphi XE5.

The GDK on the other hand is the avenue where you build an actual APK that runs on the Google Glass device itself. This gives you the most access to the device, its sensors and features. Turns out this is also easy enough to do with Delphi XE5.

Check out his article for more details!

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