Thinking about updating to Windows 8.1? Here is what you should know!

  • The Download will happen in MS Store, you will get no estimated time left.
  • After it is done downloading, the computer WILL reboot after x amount of time (not sure what, I went for lunch), no way to delay it. Keep your documents saved!
  • Be sure to upgrade to the latest VMware workstation, network connectivity will not work until you’re on VMware 10 (at least, without major rehauling of the network config)
  • Windows 8.1 enables the Windows Search pane

From my perspective, I was no worse with 8.0 than 8.1. I tolerated the windows-D combo every time I logged in. The new windows button is worthless, bringing me back to that start menu (or apps, if configured).

In conclusion, it’s like you ordered coffee with cream and sugar, they forgot the cream and sugar with windows 8.0, then apologizes and gives you just the cream with 8.1. We still need the sugar!